Piggy-backing on Caitlyn’s post last week, I thought I would give you a list of ideas that might help in coming up with ideas for your next big blog post!

  1. Why I started blogging
  2. A tutorial
  3. Tips for your area of expertise
  4. A shopping list of your must haves
  5. Create a music playlist
  6. Write about a difficult time in your life
  7. Write about a wonderful childhood memory
  8. Interview someone
  9. Review something local
  10. Debunk a myth for your niche
  11. What are you currently work on
  12. Celebrate your blogging anniversary
  13. Write a 101 about your niche
  14. Host a round up of your favorite bloggers
  15. Write a countdown post to an upcoming event
  16. Write lessons from a particular movie or show
  17. Ask someone to guest blog on your site
  18. Write an open letter to a group of people
  19. Write about your favorite ____ (niche item)
  20. Write about the risks accounted with your niche
  21. Review a recent event
  22. Collaborate with another writer
  23. Learn something new
  24. Create a step-by-step of a recent project
  25. Host a giveaway
  26. Take a position and defend it
  27. Talk about a failure
  28. Write a top ten list
  29. Write a silent post and post only pictures
  30. Recap the last year
  31. Post an upcoming event schedule
  32. Write about a first time experience
  33. Write about things you never thought you would do
  34. Write a bucket list
  35. Write a reverse bucket list
  36. Write a post from the point of view of your kids (have them help your with key points)
  37. Celebrate a milestone
  38. Share a family tradition
  39. Host a survey for your readers
  40. Write a what NOT to do post
  41. Write about lessons learned from an experience
  42. Write a thank you post to your readers
  43. Write a how to post
  44. Break something down (Mile by Mile of a Marathon, etc.)
  45. Give tips for a local restaurant, event or attraction
  46. Compare two things
  47. Celebrate your birthday
  48. Feature an expert in your niche
  49. Share a recent vacation
  50. Talk about etiquette in your niche

Ok… now you’ve got at least one of those that jumped out at you – GO WRITE!

50 Blog Posts Ideas

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