Having a blog is becoming more common… amongst individuals, and companies. Regardless of how we get started, it ultimately is our goal to remain authentic in every post.
But, oh so easy, we get into a groove. We might always share all of our 4 reasons to ______, or we may share every recipe for our overnight oats. And then there’s sponsored posts, which are more than welcome, so yes, we throw them in there.
Why are we sharing all of this?
Well. We grow as individuals, and as companies. Our blogs grow. Opportunities arise. Companies makes changes — ora expand. And whether you are blogging for yourself, for your company, or for your client — we all know the feeling of completing a post or meeting a deadline can feel like a job.
But, those of us in the social media world love what we do. But every now and then, a little reminder to remain your crazy, quirky self is welcomed (or professional self if you’re writing for corporate!). Maybe you’ve heard them before, but let’s run down a few ways to stay authentic on the interwebs.
show your quirk. show your weird. or show your class online. Of course there are posts where it is better to be more serious, but your readers follow you for you or your company. And that includes your serious side AND your fun side.
choose your sponsored posts wisely. Although it is great to have a little sponsorship and receive some funds for your hard work — take a few things into consideration when you choose your sponsored posts. Would you want to read about ‘said’ product? Would you be entertained to learn more about it? Does the product/service fit your brand and/or company?
be real. be raw. be honest. Along with showing your quirk — be real, be raw, be honest. If you’re not having a good day, don’t cover it up (but don’t bring your readers down with you — make sure to bring them back UP!). If you’re having a great day, share it! If you are doing a review, be honest but professional. If you love a product but it’s out of your price range, well say that too. You catch our drift…show your polished side but don’t be afraid to show your messy side too.
don’t forget to #keepitreal. *Caitlyn’s opinion* Don’t let every post be a sponsored post. I repeat… I would highly suggest spacing out your sponsored posts. #ad & #sponsored are great…but not for every.single.post. Now, if this is you, we don’t doubt your strategery, but make sure you are using your real voice, and making each post new & exciting. Just her suggestion. 😉
use your own photos. If you are showcasing a sponsored post — show that you like it! Of course it is helpful for the product/brand/service when you show the love, plus it is easier when you use your own photos, but it is also more real for your readers when they see you with it!
For our friends, what’s your trick/hint/suggestion for remaining authentic?
Blogging & Staying Authentic
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