1. Use Hashtags – look at the tags that are trending and see if you can be apart of the conversation. If you are at a location, event or trying to connect with a brand, utilize their hashtags!
  2. Get into the conversation – your niche likely has Twitter chats, so find them and set your calendar to be apart of them.
  3. Use Photos – photos always get more attention.  It’s also important to know that Twitter will reduce the size of your image and only show a portion in the image.  Consider using the built in edit feature to crop your image to the Wide size to optimize viewing.  
  4. Quality is Always Better – don’t worry as much about quantity as you do about quality when it comes to followers.  You can have a ton of followers, but no one interacting with you.  Interaction is more important!
  5. Interact!  Tag brands, tag locations, respond to folks that use your hashtags or other hashtags that you follow, and post regularly.

So get out there on Twitter and stand above the rest! Or contact us, if you’d like a consultation for your unique needs.

Five Tips for Mastering Twitter
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