When I was in my final semester at USF in the fall of 2008, I needed a business elective that would fulfill my credit requirements and I selected an independent study that allowed me to use my work (at the time, I was an assistant to an advertising sales executive) to earn the hours I needed.

I was in the middle of a lot of changes in marketing that absolutely fascinated me. The advertising that we were selling wasn’t your standard TV ad, magazine ad or bill board ad – these ads were on a custom network for pediatric and OB/GYN offices. The shift in digital marketing was just starting. As I reread this final project I prepared I began to realize that everything I had written had come true.

“It is important to take a look at how technology has and will continue to effect marketing and how brands have responded and utilized the changes in technology to ensure their brand sustains.”

As we look to how technology has changed in just the few short years since 2008, brands that quickly adapted to the changes in social media, phone apps, and mobile implications have been able to stay ahead of the curve, maintain their brand awareness and create brand ambassadors in the social realms.

Back in 2008, the new realm of marketing was called Digitial Out-Of-Home. Today we are calling it mobile or social media advertising. The landscape has changed but one thing has not:

“During many of the marketing and advertising conferences during 2008, the primary question was ‘What is the future of advertising?’. The best answer came from Andrew Robertson, president and CEO of BBDO Worldwide who suggested ‘Kids!’ We need to look at kids to see what we will be doing in the future. kids are connecting with their friends – whether through their cell phones or social media networks. This is the future of the advertising business!”

So are you ready to take your business into the future? Let us help you!

Looking Ahead 2.0

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