Hola, I’m Caitlyn! …the other half of SocialMedia2ed.

My blog, Live. Sweat. Sleep. Repeat. started as an outlet…a crazy six years ago! I was beginning to train for my first marathon and used writing to keep myself accountable. After running lots of races and writing just as many posts — three years in I began to work my blog as a business. Sharing my love of fitness, Tampa & food, I now work with multiple companies & brands for sponsored posts, paid content, photography and ambassadorships.

With the growth of my blog, I realized my love for social media — and not just the fun filters on snapchat! I am currently working towards my Social Media certification with Hootsuite and am excited to continue learning as social media evolves daily. I am lucky enough to work with three local clients that I love, providing social media content, photography and social media management. My passion has enabled me to share via speaking engagements, numerous events and develop so amazing relationships locally, and even nationally.

Since it is no secret of my love — I’d want to share it with you …and the rest of Social Media Squared! Contact us at info@socialmedia2ed.com so we can begin to share how we can help & assist with your social media goals.






#MeetTheTeam – Caitlyn
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