We’ve all had it before…

…the dreaded writer’s block. Whether it is at work, something fun, or our social media gig; we have all had that moment of staring at a blank screen, but no keys a-typing. The next time this may happen, keep in mind a few of our tips:

Write with passionEven if that means taking a break from your current task at hand — write some freestyle or jot down your thoughts — rejuvenating your passion will help the words flow better.

Sing it out! I find that I always write my best with my favorite tunes streaming. I love me some dance music with beats — but I leave that at home for writing. Give me those mellow tunes and I’m golden. 

Still stuck? Dance it out! Take a break & move! If you can, really daaaance it out! At Starbucks working? Stand up, stretch it out, do a few squats. 

Read! You already know that reading stimulates the brain — so do it! Read someone’s blog. Pick up a book. Find an article online. Just get creative juices flowing.

Change your space. Siting at your home office, instead go to the local coffee shop or just take it outside. Still not working? Put the screen away and take it to pen & paper to just write down ideas & thoughts for what you’re working on.

We wanna know, what do you do to overcome writer’s block?

Overcoming Writer’s Block

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