We might be speaking a little from experience this week…
Possessing the awesomeness of being a Social Media Manager, you can work on the go — from anywhere! It definitely is a blessing to be able to take your work with you and not have to take time off to enjoy a little R&R. however, it does take some planning and work before boarding your flight. Here are a few tips to ensure you give your clients what promised but still enjoy your well-deserved time off.
Make a plan. …ahead of time. Go ahead and hand-pick your photos, make any edits if necessary and have them ready on your device. Jot down your captions for easy retrieval; this will make posting a breeze so you don’t miss an epic sunset.
Schedule what you can. Thanks to Hootsuite & Buffer, if you have captions or reminders to post via Facebook or Twitter, some of you work can be done before you even leave for your excursion. Or, if it is a blog post, setting that to post via scheduler is great to do as well — giving your readers something to view while you’re enjoying that Mai Tai! *something we do personally, when a blog post is set to post, setting a reminder on your phone; this way, you can ensure it posted correctly, etc.
Have your hashtags ready. Vacation or not, this is such a time saver! Create a shortcut for them on your phone, or create them in notes for easy copy –> paste.
Once you arrive at your destination, with any time changes in mind, set reminders on your phone so you’re still posting on schedule. This worked well on our last vacation… this way, we were still posting in real time for our clients.
Set an out of office on your email. Because lets be real — you enjoy the time off! Plus, make sure your employers know you’ll be out in case there is a delay to you responding to messages, etc.
Where is your next place of relaxation?!
Social Media Tips For While on Vacationing

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