We are almost a month into 2018, however it’s never to set up goals for the year!

So how can you be conscious of your social media presence in 2018?

Make a schedule and think ahead.  Consider what important days of the month are important for you as a business for you to be active on.  If you are a retail business, reminding people that you offer gift cards or gift packages for Valentine’s Day might be some thing that you want to plan for.

Set reminders. “Siri, remind me every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to post to my business pages.” Utilize the technology that you have with you every day to help you post regularly on you business social media pages.

Set a timer. It’s important to spend some time interacting with folks on social media, but set a time limit that you are comfortable with.  10 minutes a day? 30 minutes a day? Set a time and do your best to stick to it.

Starting 2018 Off Social Conscious

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