We have clients approach us with their agenda for social media and it’s important that we stop and talk about why we are on social media.

What is NOT the purpose of social media:

  • Overposting – posting multiple times in a day on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can kill your analytics causing your posts to not show up in your clients feed.
  • Letting it run itself – scheduling is good! But planning time to interact with your customers on a regular basis during the week is important to building brand advocates within your community.
  • Having a profile that you don’t do anything with – not posting at all can create a dormant profile.  By not posting, it can cause people to think that you are closed for business.

So what IS the purpose of social media? The purpose of social media is community building and creating advocates for your brand. Plain and simple. Interacting with your customers, targeting posts that create conversation, and keeping your information up to date is important.

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What is NOT the purpose of Social Media?

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